Delve Deeper - Explore The World Of Indian Textiles

We aspire to play a pivotal role in popularizing and supporting the rich Indian textiles heritage, handlooms and sarees. Our research teams approach weavers, producers, state emporiums, artisans, key vendors, people from various regions and other authentic sources to collect information and fascinating stories on the rich textiles and sarees of India. You will come across interesting and engaging real anecdotes and legends in many of these blogs – which we have recorded from senior members, who have personally experienced and understood many contexts and cultural connects of the Indian textiles, ethnic apparels, rituals and more.

We also conduct research from relevant books and literature on the areas covered in the following blogs. Besides, our intensive customer interactions and observations from our online and real-time businesses have helped us derive valuable insights on many of the aspects of the Indian ethnic fashion industry and Indian ensembles and their history and cultural associations.