Buying Made Easy

Here’s how you navigate through’s super easy process - *Note – We assume that you came straight to the website. However, if you came through another channel, the process has steps marked as Detours. Start from there.

The whole process can be divided in 2 Stages – one that’s carried out by you, till you BUY and confirm your order, and the second one that’s carried out at our end, till you receive your order.

Stage 1 – You carry out the steps in this stage

1. A. Look Around Browse. Check out the Home-Page. Use top-barnavigation. Hovering mouse over a category will open a drop-down menu that lists the sub-categories. Make a category selection. [If you do not see what you have in mind, conduct a Search, through the search bar].

Detour 1–You see a catalog on Facebook/ Twitter – Follow the link to listing page. Browse and make your selection. If you like a product, and show interest on FB, you will receive a reply with a link. Follow it, to go to Product Page.

Detour 2–You see a product and know its Product Code. Open write product code in search bar. Choose. Click. This is the Product Page – Customize and Buy here.

Detour 3–You see a product, but do NOT know its Product Code. Navigate to categories, and browse the listing page. Or, ask us – through FB or Live Chat.

B. Sign Up and Register! If you haven’t already! You get Reward Points… P.S. - You can also sign up with your Google or Facebook accounts.

C. Select Make a selection.On the product page, add your chosen outfit to Wishlist, if you wish to buy it later. Or else, Buy! (Customize, if needed)

2. A. Tailoring?

For Sarees and Lehengas – Optional services of Blouse and Petticoat/ Lehenga stitching are available – at an additional cost. Check in given boxes, if needed (Charges will be added at check-out).Optional tailoring must be booked here. *Note -All Sarees come finished (Fall attached). Write to , if you don’t want this.

For Salwar Suits –All suit ensembles are shipped ready-to-wear. Tailoring is inclusive of prices – i.e. No extra cost. Apart from Standard Sizes, Customization is offered on some merchandise (Not all).Pick customization option, if needed. [Custom tailored suits CANNOT be returned]

For Gowns–Gowns come only in limited, standard sizes. Pick from the offered sizes. You may write in at for slight tweaks (may be carried out, only if possible).

B. Sizes and Measurements… For Sarees and Lehengas–Check box (Blouse OR Lehenga/ Petticoat). Menu with body specifications opens. Click on each one to reveal drop down lists, and select specifications, as per your measurements.

*Note –If drop-down menus do not list what you want–select the one nearest to your size to complete the process.Later, write an email with your exact measurements (or needed tweaks) at – as soon as possible.

Tip –How to take your measurements? - Blouse , Lehenga , Salwar-Kameez

For Salwar Suits – Select from listed Standard Sizes – Refer to the Sizing Guide (given below the price tab). If you want Customization (if it’s available), check the box, which opens a list. Choose from each head’s drop down menu.

*Note – Drop us an email, asap – after finishing the buying process – in case of any measurements’ discrepancies or additional requests.

Detour 4 – You need a product in more than 1 quantity Let’s assume you wish to buy the same product in two or more pieces - in different sizes (probably you are buying them for your bridesmaids) – Fill in the quantity (next to Buy button). Prices will be added at Check-out.

*As for sizes – select for 1 item from ‘Standard Sizing’ to complete the process, and then write in the details (standard sizes and if you want, custom measurements) for each piece clearly in an email to Ensure the customer care representative acknowledges these details.

C. See Shipping Charges ships FREE to most Zip Codes within India. Cash On Delivery facility may Not be available for all locations. Reasonable Shipping Charges are applicable on all merchandise shipped outside India.

*To see shipping charges - Select (to be shipped) Country– from drop-down menu (given under Reward Points tab). Shipping charges may vary slightly, basis package weight and zip code. Shipping-Policy

3. Buy

Voila! All set to buy your favorite ensemble? Click on ‘Buy Now’ button to add product to Bag. ‘Proceed to Check-Out’, or browse for more, and ‘Check-Out’ later.

Check-out as a guest or a registered member (We recommend Registration – or Sign in with Google or Facebook). Registration will let you use your Reward Points. Add Discount Coupons, if any, at this stage.

Continue to Billing Details. Fill in your Shipping Address. If billing address is same as shipping address, navigation goes to Shipping Method, which displays applicable shipping charges. Proceed to Payment – make requisite selections and pay to complete your order. *Note – Don’t forget to keep checking your Order and Check-Out summary in the right panel.

Stage 2 – Your order is confirmed and is in process

• Once the order is confirmed, it goes to Procurement stage. Any changes after this point are difficult to incorporate. Write in a detailed mail to, immediately after placing the order – with all your measurements and requirements, thus.

• Once procured, your merchandise is thoroughly checked and assessed for quality control.

• Then, it goes to the Customization and Finishing stage. Tailoring, finishing etc. are carried out.

• Processed merchandise ischecked again for stitching, quality etc.

• Everything is assembled, and is packaged and dispatched. **

**If you order more than one item – we try and dispatch them together. However, it’s not always possible, and hence you may receive your order in parts.